Mentor Bank

The latest addition to JWBC’s suite of powerful workshops and mentoring curriculum – The Mentor Bank – is the only mentoring program of its kind in the Northeast Florida area. This unique program links JWBC participants with a database of mentors well-versed in the modern tools and capabilities for further development into the next level of business growth.

Mentors are hand-selected from previous JWBC programs or from within the community and are experts in their fields of business. Past or current participants of JWBC programs are connected with specific mentors based on individual business needs and goals. Mentors and mentees go through a process of matching to ensure the greatest synergy for nurturing a structured relationship and to define clear goals, expectations, and deliverables.

The Mentor Bank, connects JWBC participants with specialized mentors to refine and utilize the modern tools and capabilities necessary to increase value and stimulate business growth.  Mentoring is conducted in a group or 1 on 1 setting.

To learn more about how you can be eligible for a mentor or to volunteer to be a part of the Mentor Bank, contact Jackie Geary, 904.366.6640.


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